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  • Pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

    April 12, 2021:   A good union job like the one I had for 24 years before retiring provided for me and my family. The union made sure that I was being taken care of at work with proper safety protocols as well as proper pay. Now that I am Read More >

  • Americans should have right to unionize

    April 12, 2021:   As a proud AFSCME retiree, I strongly support the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. I had the opportunity to join a union. They fought to raise my wages and provide benefits that helped me save and plan for my Read More >

  • PRO Act should pass

    April 08, 2021:   Iowans need Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst to vote yes on the PRO Act. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is waiting on the Senate for a vote, and the working people of Iowa deserve the ability to join or Read More >

  • Cost of Vaccine

    December 14, 2020:   The holidays are a time for cheer and goodwill toward your fellow human. Someone should send that message to Chuck Grassley. At a time when many should be celebrating, they’re jobless due to a pandemic of which Grassle Read More >

  • If ever there was a time to delay filling a Supreme Court vacancy, it is now

    October 01, 2020:   When Chuck Grassley & Joni Ernst refused to hold a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, I thought they were being racist and playing partisan politics.  They insisted that voters “needed a say” Read More >

  • Joni Ernst’s stealth attack on our Social Security

    August 17, 2020:   Senator Joni Ernst wants the people of Iowa to vote for her, but she doesn’t want to say where she stands on Social Security. That is because she won’t admit that she wants to reach into all of our pockets and cut ou Read More >

  • Joni Ernst Scores 8 out of 100 with Seniors

    August 17, 2020:   Let's talk about Sen. Joni Ernst and what she's done for Iowans the past six years. To do this we must go to the Alliance for Retired Americans' congressional voting website.  Click on Iowa and take a look. On this w Read More >

  • Iowa Republicans fail to uphold promises of Older Americans Act

    July 20, 2020:   President Lyndon Johnson signed the Older Americans Act into law on July 14, 1965. It responded to the need for community services, evidence-based health promotion, disease prevention programs, civic engagement, and elde Read More >

  • Miller-Meeks touts Trump’s unproven anti-malarial drug

    July 20, 2020:   This week we celebrated the 55th anniversary of the Older Americans Act (OAA). The OAA funds many social service programs that keep older adults healthy and independent. Important pieces of this legislat Read More >

  • Iowa, National Republicans Failing Seniors Amid The Pandemic

    July 20, 2020:   On July 14, 1965, the Older Americans Act (OAA) was signed into law. It responded to the need for community services, evidence-based health promotion, disease prevention programs, civic engagement, and elder justice for Read More >

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