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  • Calming Computer Jitters: Help for Seniors Who Aren’t Tech-Savvy

    July 01, 2021: Six months ago, Cindy Sanders, 68, bought a computer so she could learn how to email and have Zoom chats with her great-grandchildren. It’s still sitting in a box, unopened. “I didn’t know how to set it up or how t Read More >

  • Members of Congress Suggest Expanding Medicare Telehealth Options

    May 24, 2021: Early on in the pandemic, the federal government expanded telehealth services covered under traditional Medicare on a temporary, emergency basis. Before, only patients who lived in rural areas could access telehealth options from Read More >

  • Hearing Exposes Greed of Drug Corporation AbbVie

    May 24, 2021: According to a study released on May 18 by the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee, the pharmaceutical corporation AbbVie has raised prices 470% in the United States for its widely used drugs Humira and Imbruvica over the pa Read More >

  • Is it really a great time to cut taxes?

    May 24, 2021:   Senator Cournoyer [District 49] may truly believe Iowa is in a great position to cut taxes (NSP 5/12/21) but I sometimes struggle with Republican math. They are shifting mental health funding from property taxes to the s Read More >

  • Legislators should support COVID-price law

    April 15, 2021:   "As vaccine rollouts remain patchy throughout the United States, we who live in Scott County, Iowa, and Rock Island County, Illinois, have seen an increase in vaccinations. There is no doubt that many more still need Read More >

  • KHN: Biden Seeks $400 Billion to Buttress Long-Term Care. A Look at What’s at Stake.

    April 12, 2021: There’s widespread agreement that it’s important to help older adults and people with disabilities remain independent as long as possible. But are we prepared to do what’s necessary, as a nation, to make this possible? Th Read More >

  • Pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act

    April 12, 2021:   A good union job like the one I had for 24 years before retiring provided for me and my family. The union made sure that I was being taken care of at work with proper safety protocols as well as proper pay. Now that I am Read More >

  • Americans should have right to unionize

    April 12, 2021:   As a proud AFSCME retiree, I strongly support the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. I had the opportunity to join a union. They fought to raise my wages and provide benefits that helped me save and plan for my Read More >

  • PRO Act should pass

    April 08, 2021:   Iowans need Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst to vote yes on the PRO Act. The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is waiting on the Senate for a vote, and the working people of Iowa deserve the ability to join or Read More >

  • Letter: Protecting Workers

    April 06, 2021:   "The Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans had a 15-minute conference call with Senator Chuck Grassley recently. In anticipation of our concerns the senator included his point person on prescription drugs and his tax couns Read More >

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