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Iowa Alliance for Retired AmericansSunday, August 25th, 2019 at 3:10pm
Wyoming Senator: Trump Talked About Cutting Social Security and Medicare if Re-elected

Senator John Barasso (WY) told the media this week that Republicans in Congress are encouraging the president to try to cut earned retirement benefits and that Trump has “talked about it being a second term project.” Barasso also said that Trump will not admit to the plan publicly during the upcoming presidential campaign.

Barrasso says cuts to Social Security and Medicare are needed to lower the deficit. This week The New York Times reported that the deficit is increasing more quickly than expected because of the 2017 tax cuts and will exceed $1 trillion by 2020.

Other lawmakers who are close to the president, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL) and Rep. Mark Meadows (NC), last month suggested that “entitlement reform” -- i.e. Social Security and Medicare cuts -- is necessary to reduce the deficit.

“President Trump won’t admit it publicly, but his friends can’t wait to help him cut the health and retirement benefits we worked a lifetime to earn. The retirement security for millions of Americans are in their sights. We cannot allow this to happen,” said Robert Roach Jr., President of the Alliance. “Retirees should not have to pay the price for tax cuts which only benefited the wealthy.”