August 17, 2020

Joni Ernst Scores 8 out of 100 with Seniors


Let’s talk about Sen. Joni Ernst and what she’s done for Iowans the past six years.

To do this we must go to the Alliance for Retired Americans’ congressional voting website.  Click on Iowa and take a look. On this website is a scorecard for everyone in Congress based on a score from 1 -100.

A score of 100 reflects votes to protect healthcare, family leave, seniors, Social Security, pensions, the economy and other issues important to working Iowa families.

Joni Ernst has a score of 8. What has Ernst done to protect Iowa families the past six years? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The PAC money that purchased her congressional seat bought votes for the wealthiest corporations, not for working Iowans. She votes with Trump 91.1% of the time.

On November 3rd, we can do something about that. Vote Joni Ernst out so we can get the Senate working for us again.

– Henry Murphy, Orion, IL

This letter to the editor was originally published in the Dispatch Argus on August 10, 2020.

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