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Iowa Republicans shut out seniors from the political process at the Statehouse

The Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans has been lobbying at the Iowa State Capitol on numerous issues for years. We are seniors, retirees, and advocates for Iowans. Now the Republican-controlled Iowa House of Representatives is making it unsafe for seniors and people with pre-ex... Read more

Unlikely Santa will be visiting Grassley this year

  Just as Santa Claus delivers presents to the good children of the world, in European folklore there is a character called Krampus that gives the naughty ones their just desserts. In some traditions, Krampus captures the naughty boys and girls and eats them or even drags t... Read more

Cost of Vaccine

  The holidays are a time for cheer and goodwill toward your fellow human. Someone should send that message to Chuck Grassley. At a time when many should be celebrating, they’re jobless due to a pandemic of which Grassley has been infected. For him to get the full exper... Read more

Coal in Grassley’s Stocking

He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. It is easy to tell which side of the list Chuck Grassley is on. The last four years he has aided and abetted a conman grifter who enabled a pandemic to kill hundreds of thousands of... Read more

If ever there was a time to delay filling a Supreme Court vacancy, it is now

  When Chuck Grassley & Joni Ernst refused to hold a hearing on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, I thought they were being racist and playing partisan politics.  They insisted that voters “needed a say” in an election year and said the rule they invente... Read more

Joni Ernst’s stealth attack on our Social Security

  Senator Joni Ernst wants the people of Iowa to vote for her, but she doesn’t want to say where she stands on Social Security. That is because she won’t admit that she wants to reach into all of our pockets and cut our earned benefits. More than 1.7 million Iowa ... Read more

Trump is Dismantling the United States Postal Service to Rig the Election

  As president of the Quad City Chapter of the Alliance for Retired Americans and commander of AMVETS Post 145, I pay attention to issues affecting seniors and veterans daily, not just at election time. One issue that strongly impacts both groups is the sabotage of the Un... Read more

Joni Ernst Scores 8 out of 100 with Seniors

  Let's talk about Sen. Joni Ernst and what she's done for Iowans the past six years. To do this we must go to the Alliance for Retired Americans' congressional voting website.  Click on Iowa and take a look. On this website is a scorecard for everyone in Congress bas... Read more

Iowa Republicans fail to uphold promises of Older Americans Act

  President Lyndon Johnson signed the Older Americans Act into law on July 14, 1965. It responded to the need for community services, evidence-based health promotion, disease prevention programs, civic engagement, and elder justice for senior citizens. America’s seniors... Read more