December 14, 2020

Cost of Vaccine


The holidays are a time for cheer and goodwill toward your fellow human. Someone should send that message to Chuck Grassley. At a time when many should be celebrating, they’re jobless due to a pandemic of which Grassley has been infected. For him to get the full experience, Chuck should have to also lose his job, his health insurance and get evicted.

The good news is that we have elected Joe Biden to be the next president and to begin the arduous task of fixing the mess Chuck and Joni Ernst made of the economy and of the health crisis that has killed thousands of Americans and taken employer-based health insurance from millions.

The coronavirus vaccine is on the way. I wouldn’t have trusted a vaccine from the 45th administration if it weren’t for the fact a 46th is on the way. Biden needs to hold these greedy Big Pharma corporations accountable and guarantee that this vaccine that was developed using tax dollars is made available to the public at no further cost. We already paid for the vaccine. Big Pharma should never be allowed to set the price for a vaccine or for any other life-saving medicines or treatments.

Jerry Hageman, Iowa Alliance for Retired Americans member, Waterloo, IA

This letter to the editor was originally published in the Waterloo – Cedar Falls Courier on December 13, 2020.

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