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Living Below The Line: Economic Insecurity Among Iowa’s Elders

Iowa elders face an array of economic security challenges—rising food, health care and housing costs, long-term care needs, a soft labor market and others. To better capture and understand the challenges faced by Iowa’s seniors, their families, and state and local governments... Read more

Iowa Presidential Caucuses

First in the Nation presidential caucuses. Make sure to vote!... Read more

These are our programs. We’ve earned them. They work. And they’re worth fighting for.

Medicare is our most successful health care program in America's history. For fifty years it has given seniors the ability to see a doctor and fill a prescription – and it has kept them out of poverty. The Alliance for Retired Americans is leading the charge to celebrate Med... Read more

We’ve Earned Our Programs… We’ll Keep Fighting For Them!

The newly-elected Congress is controlled by stalwart opponents to our Retirement Security in both the House and Senate, so it isn’t surprising that they aren’t wasting any time going after Medicare and Social Security. On day one the GOP House leadership put forward new ru... Read more